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IP Surveillance & Physical Security

High-definition video, made possible by IP technology, has revolutionised surveillance.

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What is IP Surveillance & Physical Security

Closed-circuit television has been digitised and networked, and IP surveillance is a networked version of it (CCTV). An IP camera records video footage in an IP surveillance system, and the generated material is delivered through an IP (Internet protocol) network. IP physical access control systems use digital encryption technologies to help protect identity information, making physical access control systems less vulnerable to attacks.

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Video surveillance is an important part of your company’s safety and security processes, as it allows for real-time monitoring of the environment, people, and assets, as well as recording for investigation reasons. CyberTag will make it possible for you

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Video monitoring has become ingrained in our daily lives. We acknowledge that cameras are placed in strategic locations to assist police and other authorities in responding to possible events. It’s critical to consult with a licenced installer to verify that no laws are broken throughout the installation.


Wireless IP cameras from CCTV Camera World allow you to deploy them anywhere there is electricity, without having to run a video connection, yet keeping the same high quality as wired security cameras. These WiFi security cameras just need 12V DC power from a wall adapter to operate, and video is relayed wirelessly.


Network access control, also called network admission control, is a method to bolster the security, visibility and access management of a proprietary network. It restricts the availability of network resources to endpoint devices and users that comply with a defined security policy.


Antivirus software, often known as anti-malware software, is a computer application that detects, prevents, and removes malware. Antivirus software was created to detect and eradicate computer viruses, as the name suggests.


In the business world, IP videoconferencing often comprises of dedicated videoconferencing equipment that functions only over the internet (as opposed to early technology video conferencing which operated over public or dedicated phone lines).

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IP Surveillance & Physical Security
IP Surveillance & Physical Security
IP Surveillance & Physical Security
IP Surveillance & Physical Security
IP Surveillance & Physical Security
IP Surveillance & Physical Security

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CyberTag creates and executes the whole lifecycle of services that surround today’s IT technology, as well as continuous co-managed solutions that help big, mid-sized, and small businesses maintain and secure their mission-critical ICT operations.

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